On Tuesday afternoon, Train and I went to Foy Insurance to present a check, along with Jeff and Mike Foy, to the Community Children's Fund of Exeter.  The total raised was $2,188.

If you don't know what Kicks for Kids is, here's the article I wrote about it back in September.  Also, if you don't know about the Community Children's Fund, here's a description from their website:

The Community Children’s Fund raises money to keep local kids warm. Our funds are distributed to qualified families through a voucher system. Our vouchers provide funds to purchase warm clothing and bedding for children through age 18 in Seacoast NH.  Since our inception in 1989, we have distributed over one million dollars in vouchers to over 10,000 families

I am happy that we were able to do something for this cause.  I do wish it was more, but hey, I'm proud of Aaron, Wendy Larson and the fine people at Foy Insurance.  I am hopeful that they are able to use these funds to keep our kids warm.

I'm not sure that people realize that there are families right here on the Seacoast that don't have money to buy clean, warm bedding for their families.  Or, warm clothes.  If you are faced with a choice of food for the family or new winter coats, the food is going to win.  It's a real problem right here where we live and maybe Aaron, Wendy, the Foy Family and me made some sort of difference in the lives of children here on the Seacoast.

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