After years of scarecrows, 'Guaranteed Organic Repellents' and various noisemaker failures, this year my Dad is reusing my Nana's old dog fence to keep deer out!

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Train Images

As the years have passed, the deer have become less and less afraid of human contact and will munch on almost any crop they can get access to.

AHA! Not this year!

Repurposing my Nana's spacious former backyard dog enclosure, my Father has created an impenetrable fortress from hoofed ruminants.

In order to get access inside, there will be a door made from plastic deer fence as well.

In previous years, the tomatoes and potatoes both survived the deer onslaught, last year however that was not the case. It was ALL destroyed. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Unless a deer is an expert hurdler, I have to think that this method will be foolproof and I'll be able to once again steal the produce that the garden provides, just as nature intended.

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