Boaters are asked to slow down in the waters East of Boston at this time and through April 23 to 10 knots or less because the rare Right Whale is on the move, according to a story from WCVB.  The report states that there are less than 360 of these type of whales in the world.

Why Are These Whales Are Particularly In Danger of Being Hit By a Boat?

According to Wikipedia, the Right Whale is docile and when they are on the move, they stay close to the coast.  Many times, sporting vessels don't go to deep water, so this makes them a threat to the whale.

Your Boat Could Hit One of These Whales Easily

Back in February, in Florida, there was a report of a right whale calf being hit by a boat and it washed up on shore, dead from it's injuries.  The saddest part about that is that the mother of this calf didn't leave the area.  She stayed, hoping for her baby to return.  The mother had similar injuries that reflected propeller wounds.

These Whales Were Almost Killed to Extension for their Blubber

At one point in history, the right whale was the preferred capture and kill for whalers because they have a high blubber content, which produced a lot of whale oil.  They are currently one of the most endangered whales in the world.

I am hopeful that this article gets to as many people as possible so the boaters here in New England will slow down and maybe save one or more of these majestic, beautiful creatures.

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