Stephon Gilmore, the four time Pro Bowl cornerback for the New England Patriots unleashed quite a firestorm with just a two word tweet. This raises a big question that needs to be answered sooner than later.

AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots
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One fact that I hadn't realized until this social media 'shot across the bow', was that Gilmore was not in attendance at any of the mandatory mini-camp practices that the Patriots had just held.

I just assumed 'MANDATORY' meant 'Required by law or rules' like the standard definition, but apparently that wasn't the case.

The subject matter of the tweet in question is money. Specifically, how little Gilmore, a cornerback with 'Top Ten' value in the league, is being paid as compared to the salary leaders at his position.

There are quite a few factors that weigh in as to the likelihood of Gilmore seeing a substantial pay day in the near future.

These are two reasons that Coach Belichick may be hesitant to open his purse strings.

The New England Patriots already spent a ton of cash in the offseason rebuilding their defense. Also, Stephon Gilmore is 30 years of age now and he sustained a pretty significant leg injury last year.

On the plus side for Number 24?

The Pats' defensive backfield is in desperate need of a 'Shutdown Corner'. Without Gilmore, they really don't have one. Not to mention one that has '99 Club' status in the world of Madden NFL.

I'm willing to bet this matter will be taken care of, one way or the other, by August. And it will make huge National headlines regardless of the end result.

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