I love this band! Faces rocked my world as a 9 year old, and no rock n' roll record collection is complete without "A Nod's As Good As A Wink". Having said that, enough of the reunion talk. That goes for all my favorite bands who've lost a member along the way. I think my way of thinking this way started when The Brady Bunch tried to pull a fast one and paraded a fake Jan in front of me in that piece of garbage variety show. Hated it then, hate it now. The Who should've called it after Keith Moon died (ironically replacing him with Faces drummer Kenney Jones), Zeppelin made the right call disbanding after John Bonham's death. I know they played with Jason Bonham under the Zeppelin banner, but did you think it was the same band? George Harrison said it best when asked about a Beatles reunion. He said, " "As far as I'm concerned, there won't be a Beatles reunion as long as John Lennon remains dead."

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