As far as I can tell, they are to be killed for acting like bears.

Bears Trailer HD

According to the Associated Press, New Hampshire's bear biologist says a mother bear and three of her off-spring who are searching neighborhoods for food have to be caught and euthanized.

They are roaming neighborhoods near Dartmouth College, and a couple of the bears recently got into a home.

Andrew Timmins says it's the least preferred option of NH Fish and Game as far as dealing with this matter, but he says the bears "have become habituated", unafraid of humans.

It's just my opinion, but there is a lot of the North Country that has no humans, and I'm not sure I've been given enough of a reason to put these bears down when they could at least try to relocate them.

Or even start a Wildlife Park like they have in Maine, designed for animal situations such as this.

And by the way, if residents followed NH Fish and Game advice on putting bird feeders away and securing garbage, this bear issue could be avoided.

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