Other animals were not as lucky, as the investigation into what caused the fire remains under investigation.

Shortly before 1pm yesterday, fire and rescue teams were dispatched to Concord's Fort Eddy Road after a report of a fire. Portsmouth Patch reported dispatch stated the fire was in a freezer. Customers and employees were evacuated from the building. Firefighters found that the sprinkler system had activated after smoke entered the building, and that system knocked out the fire. No one was injured. They shut down the sprinklers and then cleared the building.

Chief Dan Andrus of the Concord Fire Department stated "With the fire controlled by the sprinklers, firefighters worked to contain property damage and to remove animals from the fire area," according to Portsmouth Patch. "A hamster and guinea pig died in the fire, but firefighters were able to rescue seven other guinea pigs." according to Chief. "There were no human injuries."

The area was clear within the hour.

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