Both Fish and Bob from Honda Barn achieved perfection yesterday with their Championship picks. My picks were perfect too in a manner of speaking.

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PERFECTLY AWFUL! Yes, I went 0-2 yesterday which brings my overall Honda Barn Playoff Picks record to a historically abysmal 2-8 overall record.

Fish's Record: 7-3 (.700)

Bob from Honda Barn's Record: 4-2 (.667)

A-Train's Record: 2-8 (.200)

Fish and I have been picking NFL Playoff Games for over a decade and neither of us can ever recall a more pathetic performance than my 2-8 record as it currently stands.

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Bob from Honda Barn seems to have made a crucial error in spotting us the entire opening weekend of the postseason as he CANNOT catch Fish in total victories. HOWEVER, if Bob selects the opposite team as Fish in The Big Game, and wins, he will have a higher winning percentage overall.

Thanks again to Honda Barn for sponsoring these Playoff Picks. It'll be fun to see who has the audacity to pick against The Pats with these HIGH STAKES (bragging rites) on the line.