A lot of us had big exciting trips that we had to cancel or postpone due to a cruel beast named Covid.

My husband Steven and I got the travel bug BAD after our honeymoon in Thailand!

A few months after that we went to Spain!

Then we had big dreams of going to Greece, Iceland, and a bunch of other cool places but BOOM! Pandemic!

And now with this new variant, it seems like "normal" days are still far in the distance.

But if we want to think positively, which I always try to do, we can only hope that travel restrictions will be lifted soon and we go on those trips of our dreams. And we might be able to take these trips on the cheap, too! Hear me out.

According to Boston.com, there is an Iceland-based low cost airline called "PLAY" that will start servicing Logan Airport in Boston this Spring.

They offer flights to 22 European cities including Dublin, Berlin, and Paris. You can start booking now service from Boston to Europe through PLAY airline now but service won't start until May 11th (hopefully)

So how affordable are we talking?

In celebration of their U.S launch, PLAY is offering flights to 11 European cities for a low at $109 if you book before December 24th. WHAT?!?! Check out their website for more details.

If you are like me, you are wondering how is it even possible that they can offer those low fares?

They operate in a "pay-for-what-you-need" model which allows passengers to pay for extra upgrades if they'd like such as meals, extra legroom, checked bags, etc.

On a flight to Europe you are DEFINITELY going to need at least one meal and checked bag so keep that in mind!

It sure is fun to think about traveling again, though! If you could pick one city in Europe where would you go?

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