I know they came out with a few new Jumanji movies in the past five years. I have nothing against Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and I'm sure these movies are delightful, but I have no desire to watch them. Why? Out of respect for the original and the late Robin Williams, of course! It's the same reason I won't watch the new Aladdin. Some things don't need to be replicated.

There is  also a sense of New Hampshire pride attached to the original Jumanji since it was mainly filmed in Keene, which represented the story's fictional town of Brantford, New Hampshire.

If you grew up in or around Keene in the '90s, you remember the full-on COMMOTION that ensued while the movie was being filmed. Many movies "take place" in New Hampshire, but motion pictures that are actually filmed in the Granite State are few and far between (at least it feels that way).

Someone posted this ADORABLE throwback photo the Facebook group "Forgotten New Hampshire". It shows a young Kirsten Dunst in 1995 on the set of Jumanji, aka downtown Keene.

Michael Moore, The Keene Sentinel
Michael Moore, The Keene Sentinel

This prompted a stroll down memory lane in the comments section that was so fun to scroll through. So many people have vivid memories of this moment in time. Some Keene residents thrived on the chaos, others felt inconvenienced by it, and some even had run-ins with the stars.

Here are some of my favorite comments:

Someone said that a friend of theirs was an extra! He took the day off thinking it was going to be his big break. He ended up making $14! But of course, the memories were priceless.

Another dude was there the day they filmed the stampede scene, which was really fun to watch! It was just people running through the town, and the animals were added in post production.

Ken Johnson via Facebook
Ken Johnson via Facebook

One woman said she went to a meet and greet when she was six years old and saw Robin Williams (such a legend). He came running out of his trailer in a crazy jungle outfit and was roaring. He scared the crap out of her. She will never forget it! Rumor has it that someone broke into Robin's trailer in Keene and stole a bunch of his valuables. He was not too fond of Elm City after that.

And for the Mainers out there, we don't want you to feel left out! Part of the movie was filmed in North Berwick, Maine, as well!

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