Food Network Magazine ranked the 50 best slices of pizza found in each state and New Hampshire's claim to fame isn't even offered on the menu anymore.

Of all the tasty pizza joints in the Granite State, Food Network Magazine chose the Spicy Guacamole pizza from MT's Local Kitchen & Wine Bar in Nashua as the best slice in New Hampshire.

Here's the thing: it's not even offered on the menu anymore. I can't dispute their choice because I've never had the Spicy Guacamole before, however, selecting a pizza that you can no longer order is not a good move.

Apparently, as Food Network Magazine explains, the pizza originated as a staff only after-hours snack. Everyone liked it so much, the chef decided to put it on the menu.

All of the neighboring New England states have pizzas still on the menu. The Lobster pizza from Scampo in Boston was Massachusetts chosen slice. Maine's was the Mashed Potato pie from Otto Pizza in Portland, and Vermont had an apple, bacon, and cheddar pizza called the Green Mountain Special from Parker Pie Co. in West Glover.

No offense to MT's Local Kitchen & Wine Bar, but I think Food Network whiffed on this one.