Is it time to start a new tradition of chopping down your own tree? Or maybe this is old news, and you've already been doing that for years with your family. Either way, hiking into the beautiful White Mountain National Forest in Northern New England is the epitome of Hallmark movie magic, New England style.

According to Maine Public Radio, it's just a five dollar permit, then the forest is yours to go find that perfect-sized wild conifer for your living room. Just make sure to bundle up in the appropriate clothing, bring some water and snacks, and leave the chainsaw at home.

Oh, and measure the space you want to put your Christmas tree before you head out for your day of tree hunting.

Here are a few more very important rules, according to Maine Public Radio.

U.S Forest Service White Mountain National Forest Facebook
U.S Forest Service White Mountain National Forest Facebook


You may select only one tree per household, and must only use hand tools. The tree must be less than six inches in diameter at chest height, and the stump you leave behind must be 10 inches or smaller.

Also, when you find that perfect evergreen to celebrate the holidays with all of your decorations, presents, and Christmas stories with family and friends, make sure that it's more than 100 feet away from campgrounds, trailheads, and other recreational areas before you chop it down.

Wilderness areas, experimental forests, and private land (which will be marked) are off-limits, according to the White Mountain National Forest recreation website. And it's so easy to get a permit because you can do it all online right here. However, that will cost you an extra $2 versus buying your permit in person.

You'll find some additional guidelines, tips, and rules here.

Here's a short video on how to cut down your Christmas tree.

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