One of the biggest fandoms is Star Wars. People travel all over the world to Disney (both in Orlando, FL, and Anaheim, CA) to enter a galaxy far far away and be immersed in all that Star Wars has to offer.

However, you will not need to take a flight or a LONG road trip to Disney to have a Star Wars experience. Grab your family, friends, and fellow Star Wars fans and dress up as your favorite Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunter, or Mandalorian because an amazing experience is coming to Boston.

Fever Up recently announce that The Fans Strike Back will be making a stop in Boston, MA.

The Fans Strike Back is an exhibit that features over 600 official items from the Star Wars Universe that have been collected by fans and will be put on display for you and others that are fans.

You will feel like you really entered a galaxy far, far away and be fully immersed as you walk around and see photos, posters, costumes, sculptures, life-sized figures, and models of all sizes.

There will be more offered than just walking around of course. At The Fans Strike Back, there will also be a one-of-a-kind VR experience (you will need to purchase a ticket separately for this) and take some cool photos with Star Wars backgrounds in front of a green screen.

This is the largest private Star Wars collection of fan items, and it is only a drive away.

The Fans Strike Back is family-friendly, so you can bring along your little Padawan.

Unfortunately, the date has yet to be announced and the location is still a secret (they probably do not want anyone from the Empire to find out).

Tickets are not yet on sale for The Fans Strike Back, but you can join a waitlist to be alerted when tickets go on sale.

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