Doesn't this sound so cute and charming? To top it off, it's in our own backyard in Boston's Back Bay.  Now how small is small, exactly?

According to CookieButterLovers on Reddit, it's 5,200 square feet. Now that doesn't sound that small except when you compare it to an average TJ's, which is usually 8,000 to 15,000 square feet with larger ones being built.

Here's the endearing entrance from the Trader Joe's Subreddit group that is in the shape and style of all signs you see when you enter one of Boston's surrounding suburbs, as well as any town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

slothsushi via Reddit
slothsushi via Reddit

I phoned this world's tiniest TJ's at 899 Boylston Street, and the manager told me he couldn't confirm the square footage, but did tell me that the charm of this neighborhood grocery store is small enough that it stops letting people in around 100 shoppers.

According to the manager, there are just eight registers snuggled right up next to each other with just one check-out line.

A friend of mine who shops there every once in a while told me depending on the time of day, sometimes it's simply easier to get in the check-out line and shop as the line moves.

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By the way, if you've ever shopped in older cities like New York, Boston, or even Chicago, little markets even smaller than this are common. However, they're not national chains with a popular, almost cult following.

Whatever popular items you like in your regular-sized TJ's, you can also find here.

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