Do you remember The Woodshed in Moultonborough, NH?  Back in November of 2013, the iconic farmhouse restaurant in the Lakes Region had a fire, according to a story from WMUR.  Fire departments from towns all around helped to put out the blaze.

This past Friday night, after a long day, David and I were tired and really hungry after a long day.  We had been driving for a while from NH on our way to see David's daughter in Maine.  We saw the Muddy Rudder restaurant from 95 North in Yarmouth and I had heard good things about it, so we thought we would give it a try.  

We were seated quickly and put in our orders right away.  I ordered the New York Strip steak with grilled veggies.  The steak was marinated in a savory spice that I couldn't quite put my finger on, but it was delicious.  The grilled veggies were beautiful too.  My husband is still talking about the steak tips he ordered.  Then, we kept seeing this dessert coming out of the kitchen, so David had to try that too - a homemade puff pastry with Vanilla Bean ice cream and chocolate drizzle.  YUMMO!

Social distancing is definitely practiced too, so no worries there.  The server actually took our phone number ... just in case.  Great idea.

On our way out, we met the owner, Matt Witham.  Yes, the same one who owned the Woodshed in Moultonborough, NH!  Go figure!  Such a small world.

Matt, who lives in Newmarket NH, makes the drive to Yarmouth, Maine everyday to run The Muddy Rudder.  I think Matt was saying his wife has a job in ... Boston, maybe?  Anyway, Newmarket is a great community, as we know, so Matt happily drives to Maine everyday.  They just opened up a new marketplace where people can come in and pick up meats & things.  You might wanna check it out next time you're on your way upta camp!


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