According to the Washington Post, the Freeport Flag ladies are calling today the last day they will wave the stars & stripes.

Elaine Greene wanted to do something to help, 18 years ago when we were all just numb from the terrorist attacks on our Country.  She grabbed a flag and began to wave it and cars honked their horn in support.  She was joined by JoAnn Miller and Carmen Footer, known as the "Freeport Flag Ladies."

According to the report, the ladies did much more than wave flags.  The mailed care packages to troops deployed overseas and visited wounded soldiers and in some cases, attended their funerals.

The report says that their age is taking a toll and it's time to call it quits.  Greene, who is the youngest of the three at age 74, had this to say according to the story:


You can either bring a light into the room, or walk into a room that’s dark and keep it dark,” she said. “I prefer to bring a light into the room. It takes only but a little match to do that. You don’t have to have a great big idea. You just have to be sincere.

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