The FW recently released a list of the 100 Best Places To Live on the East Coast, and Maine and New Hampshire landed spots.

But surprise, surprise, they each only had one place named on the full list.

So let me start out by saying, WRONG. Maine and New Hampshire both offer SO MANY more beautiful towns, waterfront bars, and restaurants, and down-to-earth people everywhere ready to accept you for who you are no matter where you come from.

How could a list of 100 places only have one Maine town and one New Hampshire town?

Like how could a place like Freeport, Maine, not make the list?

It's home to L.L Bean headquarters, one of the world's most iconic outdoor adventure supply shops.

Freeport offers the best of both worlds (in my opinion). Downtown is sprinkled with tons of unique shops nestled into a semi-high-end shopping outlet where you can get a little glimpse of living in a city.

Just outside of the outlet "city feel", you can find the surrounding suburban neighborhoods that will make you feel like you're at home. You'll never get bored!

Or what about Portland, Maine?

Unsure if I'm being biased right now simply because I live here, but this city easily checks all my boxes when I think about the quality of living.

I always describe Portland as a smaller Boston. You get to feel like you're in a big city without actually having to deal with the actual negatives that come with...well.. a big "dirty" city.

I moved here 7 years ago from Boston, Ma. Almost everyone I've come across in this little town has been so accepting and welcoming of a transplant. People here are very laid back and will let you do whatever it is you love to do without judgment.

Unique food, local breweries, clean beaches, and dogs. Dogs are EVERYWHERE. It's a dream come true.

And the amount of New Hampshire places that could be on the list? Portsmouth? Hanover? Dover? I could go on.

Take a look to see what the Maine and New Hampshire towns actually made the list.

The 100 Best Places to Live on the East Coast

Yup. Cape Elizabeth, Maine, falls at No. 65, while Hanover, New Hampshire falls at No. 36.

Both of these places absolutely deserve to be on this list due to their charm and oceanfront streets, but that doesn't mean the other towns in New England should be overlooked that may fit somebody's living goals more than those two.

It would be such a shame for a potential family choosing to move to Maine or New Hampshire after doing their research online and not seeing the other cute places they could have found their forever home.

What do you think? Do you agree with the town choices? What others should have made the list?

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