Ever since the love of his life, Barbara Bush, died back in April, I've been wondering about her husband, former President George H. W. Bush and how he is doing.  As it turns out, he is doing just fine and has a new companion!

Here's a picture from Sully's Instagram account:  

94 year old Mr. Bush got a service dog from America's Vetdogs, a non-profit that provides service dogs, named Sully.  Sully can open doors, pick up items and go for help if Mr. Bush needs it.  Most importantly, however, Sully will be a companion for Mr. Bush.  He needs that now especially since Mrs. Bush passed away.

America's Vetdogs is a wonderful organization that provides veterans, active duty service members and first responders with disabilities with highly skilled dogs to help calm them down or fetch things for them or just be there to provide love to a vet who needs it so badly.

According to the story from the Associated Press, former President Bill Clinton was visiting Mr. Bush on Monday and met the new addition to the family.



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