Haunt season is almost upon us and haunted attractions are starting to plan out their 2022 season. Pumpkins, creatures of the dark, and more are ready to walk around, jump out, and simply just find a way to scare you.

One of New Hampshire's, biggest haunted attractions is Fright Kingdom. Located in Nashua, NH has some of New England's scariest haunted houses, and this year they are ready to make you jump and scream.

Fright Kingdom recently announced its opening date for the 2022 season. They will be opening their doors from Friday, September 30th until Saturday, November 5th. Fright Kingdom will only be open on Fridays thru Sundays.

According to their website, they will have 5 haunted houses this year:

Apocalypse Z

"An unexplained phenomenon has begun to make the locals act…peculiar. Reports of their behavior has caught the attention of the authorities and a special government team has been deployed to “study and contain” – “rescue” is not a mission priority. Contact with the team has now been lost and the worst is suspected. This state of the art attraction utilizes video, realism and Hollywood special effects. Can you avoid the contamination?"


"One of the darkest words in the dictionary, Grim, utilizes the absence of light to accentuate fear. At times, visitors won’t be able to see their own hand in front of their faces, so even light becomes a weapon. Visitors will attempt to twist and squeeze their way about a labyrinth of pure darkness. Only the bravest will “survive.”"

Bloodmare Manor

"Built in the early 1800’s, Bloodmare Manor is home to the notorious and diabolical Bloodmares, a family stained with a dark and sordid history. You are dared to come and witness the demented and disturbed Bloodmare Family in this Victorian manor of terror. On your journey, you will encounter the dark and gruesome mysteries of a family like no others. At each twist and turn you will face your biggest fears. Only the bravest will survive."

The Abandoned

"It’s been told that the old farm house had been abandoned for at least a century, but eh local townspeople knew different. They knew that the the disappearances could not be a coincidence…they knew the desolate piece of property on the outskirts of town was responsible somehow. Though no one ever saw anyone at that old farmhouse. The townspeople knew THEY were there. They could feel them there…watching…always watching. Will you make it out without seeing THEM? Will you make it out alive?"

Psycho Circus

"Psycho Circus appears in a state of wild uproar and confusion and guests can expect nothing less from this attraction. This special 3D haunted house has custom illusions and crazed clowns that bring this madhouse to life. The sensory overload experienced in this attraction is sure to make it a crowd favorite."

Other Special Events

If you are not afraid of the dark, then you may also be interested in their In The Dark event happening on November 4th and 5th. This event is sure to scare you, as you will even have to sign a waiver before entering. It is a low to no light experience where you will carry one small light source around all 5 haunted attractions, not to mention the scare actors can touch you.

This year, for the 2022 season, Fright Kingdom will also be bringing back its Hardly Haunted event for the first time since 2019. This is perfect for you to bring any little ones that may find themselves too scared normally. This event will happen on October 23rd with a rain date of October 30th.

Are you ready to be scared? If so, you can find tickets and more information here.

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