Yesterday was such a beautiful day that my family, along with a lot of other people, decided to go to the beach. It was 67 degrees when we got to Hampton, so we spent a lot of time walking on the sand and chasing waves. It was glorious!
Look at this!  New England in January! It’s crazy!
Around lunch time, we decided to find somewhere near the water and we ended up at a place that’s been around since 1940, Warren’s Lobster House in Kittery.
Warren’s is famous and with good reason. The food is delicious and the salad bar is legendary. I had the baked stuffed shrimp and David had lobster stuffed haddock, but we were full before the entrees reached the table because of the humongous salads!  Warren's salad bar has their famous pumpkin bread, mac salad, potato salad, noodle salad and all the regular boring salad fixings as well.  You CAN get the salad bar as an entree, but the restaurant overlooks the water, so why wouldn't you get seafood too?
It was an amazing day that I really wanted to share.  Even though today is in the 20's, I'd go again!

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