Despite the broiling heat at Spaulding High School track last night, The Gonic School Eagles took the Class M trophy home. Beating St. Elizabeth Seton by the slimmest of margins.

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Gonic School's final score was 96 which bested St. Elizabeth Seton's 95. Every single event was closely contested and very exciting.

After the 50 meter dash, softball throw, long jump and long run, the evening concluded with Gonic School pulling away at the winner take all 440 Relay.

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I'm surprised my camera could capture the blazing speed of the Age 6-8 Boys 50 Meter Dash as my nephew Caleb finished just a split second behind the City Wide Record Holder from St. Elizabeth Seton.

DISCLAIMER: I didn't get consent to publish from any other participants, that's why I've used large blue squares (Gonic's official team color) to block them out of these photos. It's not strictly an example of nepotism that my nephew is the only one pictured.