Jay Leno signed off from the Tonight Show last night for the 2nd and hopefully the last time (fast forward to the 2:25 mark in video below for proof, also to watch him cry). The Tonight Show was ruined for me as soon as Jay was announced as the successor to Johnny Carson. Johnny was The King, and everybody knows he wanted David Letterman to get the gig when he retired. I've loved Letterman since his first appearences on The Tonight Show. But NBC disrespected Johnny by not asking what he thought, and disrespected Dave by not giving him the job. Jay then disrespected Conan. I do take satisfaction that NBC has disrespected Jay any number of times. The difference is Johnny, Dave and Conan told NBC to pound sand, while Jay always took it and asked for more. Goodnight Jay. See you at The Chuckle Hut. Sadly, Jimmy Fallon might want to keep his head on a swivel.



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