Maine Lobster

Whether you’re from Maine, you’re one of the loyal tourists, or you’ve never been, you’ve at least heard about our lobster.

It’s good, it’s fresh, and it has made quite the name for itself. So much so, that you’ll find it on every Red Lobster menu around the country and see lobster food trucks roaming the streets slinging our delicacy.

In fact, people love our lobster so much that they would have a Maine lobster roll CAKE at their wedding. Yes… cake, like the sweet fluffy stuff.

Maine Lobster Roll Cakes

There happens to be a seafood website where you can get fresh chef-crafted seafood and meals delivered to your house or special occasion called Whether you’re looking for specially seasoned salmon dishes, fresh Maine lobster meat, or a seafood feast, the website has got you covered.

They may even have things you never would have considered but now that you know they exist you’re intrigued, like a Maine lobster roll cake.

The seafood delivery company has recently created the first-ever Maine Lobster Roll Wedding Cake, a six-tier limited-edition wedding cake made up of Maine lobster rolls. The $1,658 special occasion treat comes with 48 sweet Maine lobster rolls (96 half rolls for larger groups), a “you’re my lobster” cake topper, a six-tier cake stand, and two Lobster Lovers bibs. The catch, however, is not just the lobster, but that it does not actually come with the cake.

They also have special occasion lobster roll cakes for anniversaries and birthdays to bring a little sweet and savory special Maine treat to the event.

How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost?

I have been to few weddings, I have been in zero, and I have planned none. After a quick Google search, I’ve learned that the average wedding cake for 50 people is around $350, so obviously, this lobster feast is a little more expensive than your average cake but it’s also nothing like your average cake. How many weddings have you been to that had a Maine lobster roll cake? None. Be the first. Dare to be different.

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