Even before the NH Reopening Task Force officially presented the safety guidelines for NH beaches, I had an idea how people might try to bend one of the rules. The Governor discussed my idea with us, and exhibited both tolerance and patience with his reply.

Governor Chris Sununu via Facebook
Governor Chris Sununu via Facebook


I see.


And they're just sitting there?


Well, I tell you what, if that's your thing, you go for it.


- Governor Chris Sununu on people sitting in a couple inches of water to try to evade the 'Stay On Your Feet' guidelines

Of course, if you really think about it, our ocean temp doesn't get anywhere near a hospitable degree until August. After about thirty seconds of lounging or sitting in an inch of water would probably cause hypothermia. Alas, my loophole appears to be a moot point.

I followed up with a question about the ten 'Surge Hospitals' in the state that have been, for lack of a better term, dismantled, over the past few days.

There are still four of them ready to be utilized around New Hampshire including one at The Hamel Rec Center at UNH in Durham.

I wanted to make sure that I heard it correctly, that if need be, The NH National Guard can rebuild these facilities in the same locations, in as little time as a few hours.

'You literally can put them up in a matter of hours, there are four major ones that we say are in "semi-active mode" so we can open up hundreds of beds if we needed to.' - NH Governor Chris Sununu

Whether it be a serious question, or a foolish one, I'm glad he always does his best to answer the weekly inquiries of The Shark Morning Show.

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