I admit, I was a little nervous about heading out for work this morning, but I've done it a million times, so I thought everything would be fine, but I didn't think it would be THIS easy.

My husband said that he would come out and help me, so there we were, or I should say, there HE was at 3:30 am, digging me out of my driveway.  He even shoveled a path from the door to the car.  I know... Wicked spoiled and he's totally a keeper.  I may have made a promise or two to cook him dinner when I get back home tonight.  I either promised cooking or something else... I don't remember... ANYWAY, off I went!

When I got on the road, I went slow, as I always do in a storm, but found that driving wasn't too bad.  I couldn't relax yet though, I had a lot of miles in front of me.

I got to Epping and the roads were great too.  No relaxing though!  What will Lee look like?  Lee was great too!  The traffic circle was no problem.  Okay, on to Madbury and no offense to Madbury, but sometimes, that town can be hard to navigate, but NOPE!  Madbury was great too!  On to Durham and Dover, which at this point, is like my own driveway, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the roads were clear.  But, the scariest part was yet to come.

Here at the radio station, sometimes, the driveway isn't plowed at the ungodly hour that I arrive.  I got to the driveway and it looked like it was just plowed!  I pulled in to my parking spot and walked in to the station!

I have never had a morning like I had this morning.  First morning ever that I didn't have to plow through some part of my commute.  Thank you to the plow people and my own personal plow guy.  He's a keeper.

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