Gronk is really good at two things: Football and partying. And when it's not football season he can really put all of his energy into the ladder. His shenanigans from Saint Patty's Day weekend is perfect proof of this.

According to SBNation, Gronk decided to throw on a fake red beard and a big green hat and crash a strangers bachelor party in Nashville. Because he's Gronk. Does he really need a reason?


The funniest part was it was just any old average Joe's bachelor party. It was John Breech who happens to be a writer for CBS Sports and the son of the long-time kicker, Jim Breech.

Apparently, Gronk said he could be playing for the 69-ers next season which isn't even a team at the moment. Perhaps he had a few too many car bombs. Regardless, what an epic bachelor party, right?!

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