Brendan Edwards is a normal dude who decided last year he was going to dress up like Buddy the Elf and start pillow fights with strangers in Boston.

Massholes can get a reputation of being rough around the edges but who can say no to a good old fashioned pillow fight?

No one, that's who!

Look at the sheer joy on everyone's faces! I wish this guy would come to New Hampshire.

This year his video was featured on 50 different news stations country-wide and viewed 1 Million times! Holy smokes.

According to the, Brendan had a goal this year of challenging ten strangers to pillow fights — if he beat them all, he wanted to challenge Ellen Degeneres next. Brendan said on this Facebook:

"For every round I'm found victorious her team donates $100 to next years Toy Ruck March."

The Toy Ruck March is an awesome event that delivers toys to kids staying in Boston Children's Hospital during the holidays.

Of course Brendan beat his ten opponents, he's a professional! No word yet from Ellen on whether or not she accepts the challenge.

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