There are certain dates that sort of stick out in my memory as not only having awful storms but also cruel because they happen after you were sure that winter was over. Tax Day of 2007 was no joke.

This storm surge footage is the kind that you only see every 20 or 30 years. When you do a little research as to just how intense this Nor'easter was, it gives you the proper perspective of why, in this video, Ocean Boulevard is a lot more Ocean than Boulevard.

The official name for it was an Extratropical Cyclone Nor'Easter and it stretched from Quebec to the Yucatan Peninsula AT THE SAME TIME.

If I may throw in a quick fact from the world of sports, The Boston Marathon went on as scheduled on April 16th, pretty much right in the middle of this 4 day rager, aside from poor running times, it appears that the race was run without incident.

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