If you love a buffet, a trip to Golden Corral is like dying and going to buffet heaven! Any food you can dream of is available in all-you-can-eat quantities! Mac and cheese? YUP, they have that! Pizza? Yeah, that have too! New York style Cheesecake? You bet your bottom dollar! And they probably have a few flavors to choose from.

The Queen city, Manch Vegas, got themselves a Golden Corral in August of 2020! It's the only Golden Corral in the state and people are REALLY enjoying it. I am a little peanut butter and jealous that we don't have one on the Seacoast where I live but, HEY, you can't have everything!

The restaurant has been hosting all kinds of events that are fun for the whole family! Back in August they had dinner with the only rodents welcome in a restaurant, Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Before that they had dinner with Chase from Paw Patrol. These events are perfect for kid's birthday parties, family gatherings, or if you and your significant other want to embrace your inner child, it could be a fun date night!

The event coming up on October 20th is pretty darn exciting:


Spongebob is my all time favorite Nickelodeon cartoon so the idea of being able to dine with this absorbent and yellow and porous dude is like a dream come true! Mark the date on your calendar and get ready to enjoy a meal at the Golden Corral/Bikini Bottom.

Here's the theme song to get you in the sprit:


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