I grew up in Rhode Island, and both for work and pleasure I spent plenty of time around the other New England states, too, but I left to be based in Detroit for a company for several years.

Upon coming home full time to New England I noticed a couple locations of my favorite late night pizza spot, Papa Gino's, were missing.

However, when I came up to our stations here in New Hampshire (and around Massachusetts) noticed more locations still open.

So that led me to do a little investigating, and it turns out the pie chain's parent company has had some financial problems, according to the Boston Herald. The paper reported that in 2008, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

A look at the history of Papa Gino's on their corporate page finds the business started in Dedham, Massachusetts, in the 1960s and expanded thru the late 1990s across New England.

How about you? Fan of a hot cheesy slice at Papa Gino's? Remember a location that is now longer in the same spot as it used to be?

You can check out a list of locations of Papa Gino's still available here.

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