OMG this Mural is Fantastic


The new mural is so Rochester it's fantastic.  It’s like a loving postcard to the city of Rochester, from the City of Rochester.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out stop by the Salvation Army building you can’t miss it.  According to city officials, the mural was designed by and painted by Bianca Mireles.  That name might sound familiar since I wrote about the Rochester Art Awards last week and she was on the list.


Talented Texan


Bianca Mireles moved to Rochester from Texas.  She tells city officials “Since my move from Texas, my most inspiring encounters have been with the grassroots art community of Rochester. I simply expressed a desire to do a mural project on social media and the people of Rochester made it happen with resources and support, resulting in 3 murals.”  It’s a huge improvement on what was a plain concrete wall.  The yellow background really makes the design pop!


The mural


The mural design celebrates so many things about the city of Rochester.  There is a moose featured, lilacs, our churches, just so many things that make you think of Rochester, New Hampshire.  More than 40 volunteers help work and organize this project.  Huge thanks to the many sponsors and volunteers for making this happen.  The design is so great, you would never know Bianca wasn’t born and raised here.  She has truly embraced the city as her own and the local arts community is very lucky to have her.  Check out the mural, it will make your day.




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