On the morning of the 4th of July the Fish family took a trip to Butternut Farm in Farmington to go strawberry picking. If you enjoy picking your own fruit, you must check this place out!

We didn't realize it was time to pick cherries too! We went for strawberries but left with huge haul of cherries as well!

Butter 2

We almost went for raspberries but it was close to lunch and nap time so we called it a morning.

The strawberry picking was great, didn't have to move too much, there were bunches of ripe berries all together, making it easy and quick to fill containers.

Cherry picking was a little more difficult, by the time we hit those trees, most of the darker berries were higher up, but no worries, they are worth working for!

There was a good crowd at Butternut Farm on the 4th of July, we didn't even know if they would be open, sure glad they were, we had a wonderful time!

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