It's SUMMER!!  WOOT WOOT!  Kids are out of school, lots of people taking vacation, so you wanna get out of town, eh?

According to, the best day to buy a plane ticket is:  June 2 and 3.  ALREADY PASSED.  However, the price is just going up day by day in the month of June.  So, if you're going to fly this summer, buy your ticket asap, or, wait until the fall when, according to the website, the prices begin to come down again.

You could drive to New York and buy a ticket from Cheap O Air to Miami for just over a hundred bucks!  Not bad!  All you would have to do is spend the money for gas to get to NYC, which you could do with a tank of gas - 40, 50 bucks maybe?  Jump on a plane and there you are in Miami! also has a deal from Boston to Barcelona for under $300!  You have to wait until September, but WHO CARES!  Barcelona is on my bucket list.

Whatever you do this summer, download the app and take us with you!

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