It's just the saddest thing when a Mainer has never seen a moose.

Let's change that this year. For 2020, see yourself a moose. The moose don't know there is a global pandemic and that tourists aren't flocking to the state. Maine belongs to Mainers this year. It's kind of a nice gift.

Granted, it's wrapped in really crappy coronavirus wrapping paper, but still a nice gift to get to enjoy our very own state.

A lot of of us cancelled any plans to travel. But you could drive for 6 hours and still be in Maine. You don't have to go six hours to see a Moose.

From the Portland area you only have to travel around four hours to get to the Moosehead Lake region. They didn't name it Moosehead for nothing.


But you're gonna want to head just north of Greenville in the Moosehead region, to Kokadjo.

According to Downeast's New England Guide, you'll stay on stay on Lily Bay Road for approximately 20 miles and keep your eyes open for moose along the way.


If you looked all around Kokadjo and still haven’t seen a moose, then keep going just past Kokadjo to Lazy Tom Bog, the guide states, as the bog is a popular hang out spot for moose.

Haven't had your fill of moose yet?

Keep going and drive to Rockwood, on Route 15, where you can head over to Mt. Kineo by boat shuttle for some hiking or exploring, according to the guide..

Can't guarantee that you'll see a moose, but damn near close to a guarantee.

You have to work harder NOT to see a moose. So, check that off your Maine to do list.

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