On Tuesday of this week, Aaron and I talked to Governor Chris Sununu. I admitted to him that I almost backed out of the Best Buddies ride that I signed up for a while back.

Best Buddies is an organization that Tom Brady is very involved with that pairs up "Best Buddies" with people with developmental disabilities. My step-daughter Audrey has Down Syndrome, so that - paired up with Tom Brady? I'm IN!

But then I decided that I couldn't do it. I was in transition with my job, and it was just too stressful to think about.

THEN, my friend Teresa Robles from EZ Bikes said that should would let me borrow one of their electric bikes! NICE, right?

You'll be hearing more about the ride in the days to come, but if you'd like to join 603 Pride, follow this link: ​https://www.bestbuddieschallenge.org/hp/support/#603PRIDE.

The ride is Saturday, June 2. Hope to see Tom Brady, and you there!

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