Here are the latest numbers of positive cases of COVID-19 in NH, ME and Mass

In NH, according to, 985

In Maine, according to Maine.Gov, 633

and in Massachusetts, according to, 25,475

These numbers can be scary when they just keep going up and up every day, however, I have seen a few signs that people are not panicking as much as they were say... a week ago.  For instance, I went in to Walgreens this past weekend and actually saw TWO brands of toilet paper and not just the generic brand.  They actually had Scott toilet tissue and a few Charmin on the shelves.  This seems to be a good sign.

My trip to Hannaford wasn't as weird as it was the first time I went in with my mask on.  I felt a little better than the first time I went in and people didn't seem to be as stressed out as they were before.

I am hopeful that we are reaching the point where we are calming down a bit.  I'm sure there will be a party when this is all said and done too!

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