The COVID-19 positive cases for NH, ME and Massachusetts for today, Wednesday, April 15, 2020:

According to - 1091

According to - 734

and according to - 28,163

Many events are still being cancelled throughout the summer of 2020 and the latest, according to, is the Tour de France.  This is only the 2nd sporting event that I watch from beginning to end.  From time to time, I have fancied myself a biker, so the thought of riding up and down the hills of France FOR THREE WEEKS has fascinated me.  I mean, I know they stop and sleep, but still.  I cannot fathom the sheer mental endurance that must take day after day.  I will say, however, when I went on long bike rides, I got in to a zone that mentally allowed me to keep going for miles and miles.  When I had to stop, eventually, it was the physical pain that got me.  Not my mind.  You can put yourself in a mental state to never give up, however, when you can't feel your private parts from being on a bike for hours and hours and your knees feel like they are on fire, chances are, you'll stop.

No future dates have been announced yet for the Tour de France, 2020.  :(

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