According to, 1,447 - up 55 cases

According to, 875, up 8 cases

According to, 39,643, up 1,566 cases

It would be helpful to deal with everything that's going on if the weather was a little nicer.  If you recall, we woke up to snow on Saturday morning and although we made the best of it at our house by putting on Christmas carols and singing during breakfast, a little piece of my heart broke.  I mean, it was April 18, for goodness sake!

The beaches are closed which is REALLY bumming me out because I often took a ride to soak up the fresh air and gaze at the beautiful ocean, but if I could just sit in my backyard and close my eyes as I baked in the sunshine - just a little above 60 degrees, I would feel so much better.  According to, it doesn't look like I'll get my wish anytime soon.  All this week, temps will stay in the 50's, so no, I can't put my warm comforter away yet for the season.

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