NH.Gov, New Hampshire has 715 cases

Maine.Gov, Maine:  519

Mass.gov, Massachusetts cases:  13,837

The numbers keep going up, but there are amazing people doing amazing things right now for people in need.  To be honest, the bright side of this pandemic is where I have to keep my focus on.  I am hopeful that we will all be through this thing by the Summer.

When should we come back after the "all clear" is called?  I am thinking that people won't want to associate with each other because the fear is so deep at this point.  This will absolutely change the way we live, how we interact, how we shop and who we keep close to us.

No more will people hesitate to take that vacation or call the people they love.  This is a situation like no other that will stay with us for years.  I want the Summer to come just as much as anyone, but I think I'll be social distancing even then.

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