The numbers are still going up.

Here's the number of COVID-19 positive cases in NH, ME and Mass:

NH.Gov says:  788 says, 537

and reports:  16,790

Schools have been closed for weeks due to the pandemic and now it seems that Kittery schools will not re-open for this school year, according to a report in Seacoastonline.  The report goes on to say that Dover voted earlier to end the school year earlier on June 5th.

Kids and parents both must be confused by all of this.

When my son was school age, I found it difficult to teach him in a way that I thought was effective.  I am not a teacher, so I imagine that many parents may feel the same way.

I guess we should just tell ourselves that we are doing the best we can during this time and hope that it will work out in the end.  Who knows what hidden blessings this time will bring!


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