There's a great article from the travel site Cheapism listing the single must-do "cool" activity ranked by their readers for each state.

They include seeing the famed Northern Lights in Alaska, The Grand Canyon, seeing Alcatraz from San Francisco's Golden Gate Park in California and the Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500 in Indianapolis IN.

How about right here in NH? (And nearby MA and ME).

Well, for the Granite State this list picked a spot that will require your hiking shoes: the weather station at very top of Mount Washington (and home to the transmitting towers for two of our Townsquare Media family stations WPKQ and WHOM).

The spot, of course is known for its weather extremes; namely the fact it can be serene and 65 in Farmington and snowing up at the summit. Definitely a unique excursion in the eastern US!

In Massachusetts, this list invites explorers to walk in the footsteps of history on the "Freedom Trail" from Boston to Lexington/Concord where the first shots of the American Revolution were said to have been fired in 1775.

And in Maine? A lobster boat ride from any port to catch some of the 80% or so of fresh crustacean for America!

Agree with the list or have a better suggestion for each state? See the complete article here.

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