Who doesn't love french fries?  It's as American as apple pie or a big juicy burger.

This seems funny since the french fry was not invented in America.  In fact,  there's no concrete evidence of who made the first fried potato, but the French say it was in Paris in 1789, just before the French Revolution.

The Belgians say nay, nay, and claim they had the first fry and definitely have the first fry museum.  According to spoonuniversity.com Belgium treats the french fry better than just a side, rather the french fry is an entire meal, especially as comfort food in the winter when they couldn't fish.

But, then why are they called FRENCH Fries?

Let's get back to New Hampshire fries.  I took a Facebook poll to determine where the best fries in the Granite State are, and you sure had some bonified top-notch french fry places.

artisteer via unsplash.com
artisteer via unsplash.com

Hands down, the top dog of 603 fries is The Gyro Spot in Manchester.

Katie on Facebook comments " I love the feta fries from Gyro Spot", which brings up another point.  Are feta fries in the same class as french fries?  What about sweet potato fries?  Do they count as french fries, after all, they are potato fries?

And what about chili cheese fries?  Come on, those have to be part of the french fried family.  And then there's poutine, the richest kind of french fry sauce there is.  Does that count as a "best' french fry?

There's so much debate, but let's look at the places you voted as "Best French Fries in New Hampshire".

Your Picks For the Best French Fries in New Hampshire

Gallery Credit: Ginny Rogers

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