With gas prices continuing to rise across northern New England in the lastest survey by Gas Buddy, we figured you might want to know where the least expensive gas stations are located.

Earlier this week, the Associated Press had a report on the latest GasBuddy survey showing the price of a gallon of gasoline in northern New England. Although prices are still lower than one year ago, the report showed prices rose nearly eight cents per gallon in New Hampshire last week to an average of $2.66. That's almost 20 cents per gallon higher than a month ago, but about 2 cents per gallon lower than it was a year ago.

Meanwhile in Maine, gas prices rose about seven cents in the last week to $2.73 per gallon. In Vermont, the average price is $2.74 per gallon, up five cents in the last week.

Feel free to comment below on where you usually fill your tank and how much per gallon you're paying.

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