While residents in New Hampshire have experienced a few blackouts this summer due to wind and overworked power grids, it appears Massachusetts is now facing a brownout.

This week, Provincetown declared a "Sewer Emergency."

No, that’s not a Ninja Turtles videogame – it’s a measure that banned people from washing dishes, doing laundry, showering, or even using the bathroom for 48 hours.

In other words, the expletives residents shouted when they heard the news had to be done somewhere else, unless "absolutely necessary" (which raises the question: do we want to meet the people who don't find it "absolutely necessary"?).

According to CapeCod.com, officials enforced the restrictions on people using the vacuum sewer system. And, this is true – the website also released a map that highlighted it as the “brown shaded area.”

It seems writers at CapeCod.com were feeling rather cheeky, while those who live in Provincetown need to abstain from that behavior for the time being.

The town later issued an update, saying it was pushing hard to resolve the situation, and when an update was available, they would do their best to get it out. But for a while, due to restrictions placed on water usage, there would be no dropping the kids off at the pool.

But your heart goes out to people in Provincetown who couldn't even make a deposit, plant a tree, or bake a loaf without wondering when repair crews will lay the final brick. Using one’s plumbing right now is a gamble – like playing craps.

But hopefully, the town will squeeze out of this with a better plan should these troubles arise. And they better get it down on paper - or at least make it downloadable.

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