There's an app for absolutely everything, including finding toilet paper.

People are clever and during this time, there are two students at the University of Texas that created an app that will help you locate toilet paper and just about anything else that you might need, according to a report in USA today.



The two students, Rithwik Pattikonda and Darshan Bhatta, study computer science at UTexas and they recently launched  The website checks the inventories of big stores like Target, CVS and others to tell the user where they can find whatever they are looking for.

They said in the report,

Initially, I saw my parents were really struggling to find certain types of grocery items........ And when I saw the news, I noticed the panic was a lot more widespread.

This is a fantastic idea!  You don't have to drive around and go in to stores and expose yourself to potentially harmful germs if you don't have to!  Well done!

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