Is a car in reverse not a car in motion?

I ask, as there appears to be confusion. At least among pedestrians in New England.

Imagine this: you’re on Boylston Street along the Boston Common, already saying your prayers as traffic whizzes by you as you attempt to back into a rare open parking space when you have to slam on the brakes.

It's not because of the new sculpture that's raising a lot of eyebrows, rather, because someone has arbitrarily ruled the spot you covet is now a makeshift crosswalk.

Off the curb they step, oblivious to the tons of metal just inches away, as they casually channel the “Abbey Road” cover.

It’s always the same. Looking at a phone, earbuds in, or even worse, hands in pockets, purposely looking the other way. It's the very worst combination: the passive aggressive pedestrian. A pagresstrian.

Don’t be a pagresstrian, New Englanders. Especially in these winter months. I like walking in the winter as much as you, but safely.

We already have enough problems to deal with, like slamming on the brakes when a turkey decides to become a crossing guard, or our many roads in need of repair. We even have other drivers going 161 miles per hour.

Don’t compound the issue by reading your brand-new Richard Bachman novel while you WALK BEHIND A CAR.

Or better not, just don’t walk behind cars at all. Please give us our space as we back in. I’m sure if you asked the man who walked from the West Coast to Maine, he’d say a key element of his journey was not getting run over.

Is that too much to ask? If so, I’m sorry. But there are some auto-free areas that might make for better walking.

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