Before you know it, summer will be here and the beaches will be full of those dreaded creatures that seem to infiltrate our quiet communities every year: tourists.

That may be why the winter is actually my favorite time to go to the beach.

Seriously! When's a better time to walk the beach? When it's hot and sticky, or when that salty air is brisk and refreshing?

And as I always remind myself: if I slip on some rocks and fall into the ocean, I get my own episode of Dateline (the beach is also a nice place to bring your dogs for some exercise, so they don't have a close call on the ice like two dogs in Massachusetts.)

There have been some dark days over the past few years, and not just because of the weather. Be it the pandemic or one of its many offshoots, a walk along the water in the winter has been a go-to remedy for yours truly.

You also never know who you might run into on the New Hampshire Seacoast. You might see an old friend, or perhaps even a world-famous spy.

It keeps you moving. It burns calories. On a cold enough day, you can even see some pretty amazing sea smoke.

But most importantly, it makes you think. I’m not sure if it’s the gusty wind, salt air, or uniquely colorful winter skies, but I almost always come away with an idea (or in some cases, a solution) after a good winter walk.

And that’s how I coined the "Good Idea Walk."

As I once explained to a coworker, it does seem a bit much to walk two miles in 30-degree weather just to think of one good idea. But still, you get a free good idea!

It’s very simple: you spend the mile out sifting through the problem(s), and the mile back landing on a solution. It's exercise of the body and mind.

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