Do you think the summer of the shark was scary?  Every day we were seeing beach closures and watching news of shark sightings while a vicious predator was lurking in the woods.

If you have ever been stung by a yellow jacket you will know what I mean.  Yellowjackets are like bees on steroids.

WMUR9 is reporting on a story of 14 hikers, including 7 children, that were viciously stung by the yellow jackets in the Betsey Dodge Conservation Area in New Boston, New Hampshire.

The attack occurred when one of the students of the after-school hiking club stepped into a ground nest of the yellow jackets. The group of yellow jackets then swarmed the hikers, says WMUR9.

One student was stung nearly 30 times, according to the news station.  One of the teachers supervising the hiker's students laid the student on the ground and rolled them around in the dirt to get the nasty yellow jackets to back off.

The lesson of this cautionary tale is to never hike alone.  Quick thinking by one of the teachers may have prevented further injury.

These are some of the worst-case scenarios I think of when hiking in the woods and why I never hike alone.  Be safe out there!

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