I love WMUR! They are truly New Hampshire's source for news and in being such, often provide us with the softer side of life in The Granite State. These side by side videos on their YouTube channel are too hilarious to not 'highlight'.

YouTube Official WMUR-TV
YouTube Official WMUR-TV

I suppose this is just a coincidence. I pounced on the video to the right and Ray Brewer's "Grow It Green" had nothing to do with medical marijuana. However the information provided isn't going to stunt the growth of your 'medicine'.

Perhaps if they entitled this segment "Choosing The Right Pot" it would have received more views. Writing the proper headline in order to get 'more hits' is very important.

Another cherished WMUR segment is 'Cook's Corner'. I can only imagine the traffic that 'a very special brownie recipe' would have received next to the piece on legally grown marijuana.

Never change WMUR. How I love my Channel 9 news!

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