Dr. Laura Landerman-Garber is an incredible lady who started a non-profit organization 18 years ago. She sat down to have Thanksgiving dinner with her family, but before anyone was allowed to eat, they were told to write out a holiday card to a military hero who wasn't able to spend the holiday with their family. She called it her family's "ticket to turkey”. In that moment, Holiday Cards for Our Military Challenge was born.

This challenge has expanded WAY beyond New Hampshire, and over the years hundreds of thousands of holiday cards have been sent to our brave warriors.

Laura has spread the good word on Live with Kelly and Ryan, CBS This Morning, and many more national platforms!

For the past two years, WOKQ has had the opportunity to partner with Laura and supplement her card collecting efforts.

We are honored to play a small role in the difference Laura makes with Holiday Cards for Our Military Challenge .

This year, Laura simply can't wait until next Christmas. She wants to spread more joy and she wants to spread it NOW!

This is your formal invitation to get involved with Laura's Holiday Card Challenge - VALENTINE'S DAY EDITION!

Just look at those Valentines smiles from previous years:

holidaycardchallenge via Instagram
holidaycardchallenge via Instagram

What should your letter say?

"Dear Warrior, Happy Valentine's Day" Feel free to include a note of appreciation and share your fav hobbies, books, movies.. Sign first name ONLY. City and State (No envelopes needed)

When is the deadline?

If you can deliver them by the end of the first week of February ( or sooner), that would be wonderful.

Where should I send my cards/drop them off?

If you are in NH, there is a 24/7 Drop Box outside the amazing Hollis Pharmacy And General Store . Otherwise, please mail them to Holiday Card Challenge P.O. Box 103 Hollis NH 03049

Need more info? Check out her website!

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